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Both FTB Infinity Servers have been updated to the latest recommended release, 2.1.3.

Infinity Evolved Normal Mode


Infinity Evolved Expert Mode



[Donor] Gomer604 Still waiting on someone to review my ticket...

We opened a new server with the FTB Mod: Tech World 2.




[Member] sebalhp ik this might be a shot in the dark any word on the website shop?
[Member] Mega_The_Miner Came back here expecting to see some good news and read this. Ouch, I'll never forget you Mindcrack.

Here are some much anticipated updates!

FTBees Infinity is now FTBees Infinity Evolved Normal 2.0.2 (Recommended)

NO world reset


FTBees Infinity Evolved Expert now exists!


Only Ranks were copied from Infinity Evolved Normal.

Expert is still a work in progress.  No spawn or warps currently.  We will see how it developes.

More to come soon, stay tuned!


[Member] sebalhp 2.1.2 update just poped up should i update? if i do will i still beable to get onto the server?
[Myst] Mr_EnderEye This is Exciting ahah


[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD posted Nov 2, 15

There appears to be a large fiber cut somewhere that is affecting our host.  Hopefully, there will be a work around soon, thanks for you patience.


[DEV] ihenderson AD He cant access control to the servers at the moment
[Member] laythsaeed are you thinking about updating infinity to 2.0 with a world reset while its down?

Pay attention to this site, we are about to make a change.  Working out the final details right now.

Stay tuned....


[Sup+] OreCruncher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr_YVQctXVg ...
[Myst] sioutdoors give us a clue pretty please ?
[Sup+] OreCruncher The wait is killing me! Or not. ...
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