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To the future!

[Owner] FTBees A posted Tue at 10:21

For over a year now I have been trying to figure out the future of FTBees.  I know my time involved has been dropping off over the years and this community has proved very resilient and self-supporting.  In large part due to the great staff!  Each and every one of the staff and players makes this community possibly the best on Enjin.  In particular, our developer has been the driving force to keep things smooth.  Handle the tickets.  And most importantly, handle the backend things that I used to be the only one that could do.  He has demonstrated not only the knowledge but the desire to keep this community going.  So this makes my decision easy!

I take great pleasure in making Jocce a Co-Owner!

Please take a moment to congratulate him!

pyRex - CoOwner

[Myst] Viper2416 Congratulations Jocce
[Myst] koolbladeron Conga Rats!

As a lot of you have seen there has been an unofficial Discord Server for FTBees created by koolbladeron.
Thanks to him this have now been transfered to the FTBees staff.

Thanks koolbladeron.

To join the server you can click connect here and ask a staff member for your correct rank:

-JoccE and FTBees Staff

Unleashed Back Up

[Owner] JoccE +Do posted Nov 26, 17

Server moved and back up and running again.

If you have any issues, make a ticket and we will look at it asap


The unleashed server is being moved to a new physical host.

Update when server is back up again.

FTBees Developer

[Myst] koolbladeron Any idea if/when Crackpack will be getting some much needed love? Hardware is a bit lacking
[Owner] JoccE +Do Just a temporary change, will be increased once we see how the new hardware is
[uMod] Ender_Gaming i was wondering why is the unleashed server down to 15 slots

CrackPack is Up!

[Owner] pyRex AD posted Nov 24, 17

After much messing around, we believe crackpack is at least more stable than it has been in a while.

It still needs some staff attention in game, however, it is playable now.

Starter pack in the shop has been reset also.

Thank you for your patience!

pyRex & staff

Crackpack Server Issues

[Owner] JoccE +Do posted Nov 19, 17

Right now we're having some major issues with the Crackpack Server.

Investigation into the problem is ongoing and we will release more info once it is up and running again.

FTBees Developer/Sysadmin

[Member] Cazwell_HD Thank you for posting a community update. Many of us are concerned and would like to play while many of us have simply g...
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