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UPDATED to 1.8.1 


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[mcAdmn] HiztoryGaming + Sandman0002, Also says not recommended yet... In other words: Update with caution.
[Myst] Sandman0002 I would say this makes me happy, but if timing out every 10 seconds is what 1.8.1 is going to provide me, then so far ho ...

I am currently working to update Infinity to 1.8.1.

Here is the link to the Unofficial Change Log.

There are several fixes for some crashing bugs.  We will just skip over 1.7.0.

Doesn't seem to be a need for a world reset, all should be safe.


[iAdmin] Derpy0 + In the change log it adds a new mod, Thaumic horizons. I think this adds another tab to the thaumonomicon, Those who've ...
[iMod] ForeverYang + Thanks for the information, looking forwards for it ...

Alternate worlds will be set at the end of the above timer.

We have reset the world for Infinity 1.6.2.


The server is now very stable.

Ontime, rank, and thaumcraft have been transferred.

I have started everyone out with 5000 claim blocks because it would have been to much of a head ache to transfer the information.

We have added a random teleport, use it with /randomtp.

We also added GPCities, an economy.

Currently still testing shops, auction, and jobs plugins.

There will be some limited shop refunds, post the request here!  <--Link 

Please post comments in the appropriate forum thread.


pyRex & Staff

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