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In celebration for March Madness.

Enjoy 20% off Website Points until March 31st!

Once again, thank you for such a wonderful community!  Thank you to the best staff around!


Enjoy the nice new shine alternate worlds!


FTBees is looking to hosting another short term pack (STP).  For those that remember the Agrarian Skys server, this will be similiar.  Current the idea is being kicked around to host a Sky Factory 3 server.  This server will be limited access in order to prevent trolls and such.  Give us your thoughts and ideas below.

pyRex & Staff

[Member] StealH_Buttercup i believe a server for FTB beyond would be very cool, and more up to date in minecraft, i feel it would bring a lot more...
[Myst] Aeropagus FTB Beyond has been released. Will FTBees put up a new server soon, or possibly take the place of the old infinity serv...
[Myst] fusionnrg I just went and made my own sf3. No lag, no aqueekers, afk as much as I please and no banned items!

FTBees Monthly Maintenance



Enjoy, and we apologize for any inconvience.

Thank you,

Staff & pyRex

[Myst] Lord_Elitius Still waiting on restoration on my items lost in the nether due to the reset of nether on wrong day..

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

20% off SALE

To all our great players and staff, I would like to personally wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


[Myst] sioutdoors And same to you, thank you
[cpMod] wsman217 Thanks Rex
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