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Alternate world reset coming tonight!  Watch the timer, remove all your items from any alternate world.  No refunds.


[Member] Lostplanetsite I cant get on because minecraft keeps crashing so i can't get on :(

Infinity Logo

Sorry for the delay, the Infinity server has been updated to the latest recommended version of 1.10.1.

Many needed fixes and improvements, change log located here.

Server: infinity.ftbees.com


[Donor] Zak_MC Why is there like no one on infinity??

After we have completed our testing of the 1.10.1 update, we will be updating the Infinity server hopefully tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


Since Mardi is taking an extended break from FTBees, I have named a new GM: Mr_Smith!  He has been around a long time and has shown the qualities that are favorable for the highest position here.  Take a moment to welcome him.


[Myst] Marijnroorda77 Enjoy your new found responsibilities and perks MrJ..
[Donor] iRochey About time IMO... hehe but in all seriousness congratulations Mr. J! : )
[Member] Rhus Congratulations

New Theme

[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD posted Aug 2, 15

We are testing out a new theme.  It's a little bright, so I will work on that.  Let us know what you think.


[Donor] iRochey I wouldn't say it goes with the whole FTBees thing.. That's just my personal opinion.
[iMod] _Chewbacca__ I have to say that I am not a fan of the new theme :/
[Member] mrvisona is it the scroll theme (looks nice if it is)*new around here*
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