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[Member] sharqman Nice concept, if you tie it in with panning over some awesome builds with shadders with the text edited over it, it woul ...
[Donor] WaterandMelon Good Job! I can help you get a premium version of any of the editing programs you'd like so we can get past those annoyi ...

[Member] EnderToad
EnderToad @ FTBees Infinity
what did you use? cinema 4D? After Effects?
[Donor] WaterandMelon I honestly did this just for fun on my side time and to help the community out. I appreciate everybody's constructive cr ...
[Donor] Zak_MC First of all its needs to be more bassy and an effect everytime the letters burst out. And also it really doesn't fit th ...

6000th Member!

[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD posted Mar 6, 15

Another milestone has been achieved on FTBees!

Welcome our 6000th member @omnamnam511

Enjoy your points!


[Member] achedattendant1 i thought we were at the 10,000 member mark
[Member] Junax w0w that wont be nice i get that ...
[GM] Marijnroorda77
Marijnroorda77 @ FTBees Infinity
[Member] omnamnam511 30000 Web Site Credit Points + 2500 Bonus Points Hmm, free myst rank, im sure he wont mind! ...


Infinity Logo

Be sure to get your enhanced welcome pack in the community shop AFTER you have logged in.



[Member] THACKERY5 Thanks Pyrex for choosing Infinity for a new FTBees modpack i came from the Mindcrack server and ive decided to move ont ...
[Myst] KnightsN8 When I try to open 1.2.0 in says in the console that it was unable to open and then says java heap space. How can I fix ...
[Member] Brandon2020 @Tommz You are most likely using the recommended version. Look where it says "Recommended" in the FTB launcher ...

Mindcrack has been restored to its former glory.  Some may have experienced a rollback.  Please get with staff so they can collect the information I need to restore your base/area/home.  These rollbacks should have only affected a few players, and only about 20 hours prior to the crash.

Thanks for your patience,


[mcAdmn] DannynGreen Indeed, rex does have a life, with a family and a job. The day was an estimate. Regardless of how long it was down, good ...
[Member] doodet Y'all just calm down rex has a life too he's working on it expect it to be up tomorrow okay?
[Member] Yodaisgod Could we please get a status update? I am not at all ungrateful for all the work you guys put in running this server, b ...
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