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June 1, 2017

Members: 9,574 Threads: 8,332 Posts: 40,742 Views: 4,429,156

Thank you so much for being part of this wonderful community!  As many can tell things have slowed down in the minecraft community.  That doesn't mean it's dead!  I have really been contemplating how this community operates and how to make sure it stays alive.  The truth of the matter is that this community lives and is for the most part self sufficient, and I don't want to do anything that prevents that.  I am going to be making some changes and suggestions to the community and staff to help make sure it stays the same great community.

First off I want to extend a special thanks to @Jocce, this guy is awesome!  If he wasn't in the mix, things probably would have fallen apart a long time ago.  Thank you Jocce for your time and dedication to this community.  I would also like to extend thanks to the staff.  You guys and gals work hard to keep things running.  I know it's not perfect, and when you have servers that reach across the globe and have players from all age groups, backgrounds and cultures, it's hard to keep things smooth and friendly...but you do it!  I applaud your efforts and willingness to go above and beyond a regular player.  Your position is not easy, but it is really appreciated.

Game Masters

Mr_Smith_ & Nextwave312



Head Admins

Infinity: scizor6996 & xando Unleashed: Godai009 & hscaptbone Crackpack: sebalhp & Gamingwolv


Infinity: CuteCrafterGirl  Unleashed: Cleafspear  Crackpack: Derp


Infinity: 2r0m0c0 & NorCraftGaming  

Unleashed: BaconStrip, Random_Nonsense, Tyler95621 [Honex] & ImmortalZoey

Crackpack: Lostplanetsite & wsman217

Another special thanks needs to be extended to those who fund this community.  There are many that contribute, but he ones that really keep things running are the Supporters.  Next time you see a [Sup] or [Sup+}, just give them a big "Thank you!"


NuclearPhysicst          El_buildor          WolfieX          omgitsrudy          therealAST

omgitsrudy          TheHappyGamer99          Meenah_Magic          OreCruncher          MisterTrotts

In other news, as of today, access to Sky Factory has been opened to all (DONT TEAR IT UP!) that are registered on the website, which includes 9,574 players!  The cost is 1 point for 30 days.  All registered players get 500 points for joining.  I don't want to prevent players from playing on this great community because of money.

In your service - pyRex

[Sup+] MisterTrotts Thanks for the shoutout Rex! Glad to see you continuing to support the community even now.
[Member] wingnut_24 Thank you staff for doing what you do both on and off of the server. My hats off to you for doing a great job and managi...
[iH-A] scizor6996 And thank you too, for having us, Rex :)

The monthly maintenance is complete.

Please enjoy the fresh new alternate worlds.


pyRex & Staff

Monthly Maintenance is now complete...enjoy the fresh clean alternate worlds!

Sky Factory 3 STP Server price has been reduced to $10 or 10000 points for 30 days playtime.

Thanks for your support of this awesome community.

pyRex & Staff

Thanks for your patience, the mothly maintenance is complete.

pyRex & Staff

Sky Factory 3 is now open.

IP: sf3.ftbees.com

This short term pack (STP) is pay to play.  Proceed to the shop in order to secure your spot!

Only $5 until April 15th!

As you play, keep in mind, try to get to the end game.  More information will be coming out as to what we are looking for you to complete in order to WIN A PRIZE!

ATTENTION Supporter and Supporter+

Go to the shop and purchase the free whitelist!

Good luck!

pyRex & Staff

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