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FTB Revelations News

[Owner] JoccE Ao posted Apr 9, 18

Hi Everyone.

I just want to keep the community informed.
As most of you know we had some issues with Revelations blocks dissapearing and after some sleep and investigations i figured out the problem was with Chunk Caching where unloaded chunks was placed in Cache to load faster the next time (Forge function) and when doing that the NBT data for certain items was removed.

This has now been changed and hopefully it will work a lot better now.

Sadly we had to roll the server back 5 hours (From the time this is posted), this is why we have the Beta period so we can make the server as stable as possible for you guys.

~Owner JoccE

It's been a long time since FTBees released a new mod pack for you guys to play, and it's finally time to for FTBees to move forward.

With the new 1.12.2 pack the whole core of what has been known as FTBees has been rebuilt with modern plugins and features.

FTB Revelations will be released TODAY as a BETA pack which means it will not be publicly put on server lists until we feel comfortable everything is running smoothly, but everyone in the FTBees community and friends/family are welcome to join.

We will be using the same rank systems as all the other servers and donor ranks will of course be transferred over. This might take a little time since it has to be done manually for old donation ranks.
We welcome everyone to join FTBees Revelations (1.8) on the IP:

Have fun playing, and if you encounter any issues our staff and owner will be there to help out.

~FTBees Staff and Owner JoccE

[Member] Keapton Will surely be seeing me soon :)
[Myst] TBW_lossen jubiii.. Geronimo
[Member] TheeBear That's really good!

Alternative Worlds have been reset on all server, sorry for being a bit late.

Voting should also be back for Infinity/Crackpack


FINAL UPDATE: Both servers back up and running, sorry for the delay

Small maintenance on Crackpack and Infinity, should be back up in 30 min.


Crackpack up again

Monthly alternative world reset is done.


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