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The monthly alternate world cleanup has been completed.

[Myst] Lostplanetsite Marijn is right.At the end of each month alt. world resets happen.And the countdown is here too a couple days before.The...
[Saint] Marijnroorda77
Marijnroorda77 @ FTBees Infinity
Actually there was a timer on the front page of the website for atleast 3 days straight. + it happens once a month i bel...
[Sup+] tenolein no lost my stuff there wasn't a warning :"(

Mindcrack Update

[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD posted Jan 24, 16

Mindcrack control has been handed back over the iHenderson.  Mindcrack was his original server, and he is taking full control and responsibility.  If you have any issues, please message him.

More to come in the near future.


All alternate worlds have been reset for the following servers:



Tech World 2


Infinity Expert

The following server has had a world reset and been updated:

Infinity 2.2.2

- World files reset only

- All items in inventory remain

- All other data remains

- Enhanced welcome pack reset!



[Sup+] DeathLands
DeathLands @ FTBees Unleashed
your warning was the 3 day count down time on the main page.
[Member] KiLlEr Yeah I REALLY appreciate you giving a heads up.................
[Member] dargboota Yo thanks for the 10 min late warning

Merry Christmas

Enjoy 20% off website points from now until Jan 1, 2016!

As many have heard, DrKruger has decided to step down as one of FTBees Game Masters.  

Although it is sad hear, I am glad that he is moving on to other things in life.  

With this news, there is a vacancy that needed to be filled.  After much debate amoung the GMs, Dev, and myself, we have extended the offer to Nextwave to fill DrKrugers huge boots!  He has gladly accepted and looks forward to serving the community.

Everyone please welcome Nextwave as new Game Masters alongside MrSmith.


[Myst] TheLegoUniverse Congratulations, Nextwave. We will miss you Kruger :( but I am still going to post this because, I want to show my kindn...
[Member] achedattendant1 congrats next wave but i will miss DrK and having some chats with him farewell DrK i will miss you come back and visit u...
[Myst] Lostplanetsite We'll all miss you Kruger But congrats NextWave!
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