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Today marks the 1 year old Unleashed server!

Thank you to all the staff and players that have made it possible!

pyRex & iHenderson
[Member] EnderToad YAY! We've made it a year!
[Myst] xparty_boii This is where we all start feeling old;)
[mnH-A] LeBadWolf o *hands out cupcakes to everyone* Enjoy!

new theme and forum

[A] ihenderson AD posted Jul 9, 14
I have been messing with new themes and i think i finally got one!
your full character shows in the forums now!!!

Your friendly dev ihenderson or Ian
[uAdmin] Belzrock this one is the best sofar we had! thumbs up* ...
[Member] NobelJackP I dont get it XD not saying its not good
[uH-A] kuroreikon aye. it's nice. gj <3

Monster Downtime

[A] I_pyRex_I AD posted Jul 5, 14
I am working to isolate the problem with Monster.  

Thanks for your patience.


Fixed, had to roll back to bases to earlier today.  So, if you're missing stuff then it was probably you...quit trying to break our server.

[Member] Drumstic_Beater I play ftb monster and I just found this server and created this account. I really want to play so hopefully you fix the ...
[mnAdmn] fusionnrg Well said sir!

New Awards System!

[A] I_pyRex_I AD posted Jul 4, 14
As you may have noticed, we are starting to give out awards.  Our first awards are for forum posts.  This is to help promote the use of the forums and get people a little more active.  Be warned, trolling the forums and posting nonsense or nothing productive to the thread will get you warnings, and after some many warnings, you will get banned.  

More awards to come as I have time to put them together!

Have Fun!  

Happy Independence Day!  (For those of us in the USA)

pyRex & iHenderson
[Member] pokemonkillspery im glade i decided to read up on some of the server post xD
[Member] Devil64DC this is kinda cool ;D
[Member] NinjaBlox123 so.. do you get points for things you already posted? that would be kinda cool

We are upgrading the link to the second server to 1GBs.

The following are affected:



Thanks for your patience,

pyRex & ihenderson


The host had some issues and discovered we may have a bad RAM stick, or a bad motherboard.  This would explain some of the strange issues we have been having.  No estimate of downtime at thies point.  I will update when I know more



Confirmed bad motherboard, they are in the process of replacing it now.

[Member] x_xCubeHunterx_x ... shoulda added that to unleashed, not vanilla, no one is on vanilla
[Member] NinjaBlox123 *facepalm* just read crackpack lol derp
[Member] NinjaBlox123 but.. we don't have crackpack..
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