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So as some of you know, we have placed our first (real) beehive.  It is very fun and exciting to see the progress they make every week.  

On top of our own hive, we have already rescued our first colony from a tree that was blown down by a recent tornadoe.

Thanks for everyones patience and understanding for my lack of attendance.  I will continue to work on catching up with the community and servers.



[Member] unaww I had a beehive in my house and I still do
[iAdmin] Derpy0 + That's awesome! people don't realize how important bees are, Without them we'd loose a lot of crops.

The time has come to make a decision in regards to low population servers.

Monster is has been quite a monster from the beginning.  Vanilla is just not what we are about.  I hate to shut servers down, however, it's best to keep our resources optimally utilized.  I look forward to further discussion in the threads.  I will leave it running for the remainder of the day.  If there is enoug interest, I make make the world files availalble for download.

Alternatively, Infinity is a good well rounded pack that really brings a lot of the great features of Mindcrack, Unleashed, and Monster together.  As always, your paid ranks are good on the servers that exist today.  So if you log in and don't have your paid rank, inform a staff member.  We will do our best to take care of you in a timely manner.

Thanks for your understanding,


[Myst] MarGoo_Gaming You Need to Make a forum post @PixelEnder
[Member] PixelEnder My house was griefed at x:9145 y:69 z:-7937 on may 1st 12:00 am

2015-05-01 0840 CST - Complete

2015-05-01 0820 CST - 10 Minutes until monthly world resets.



UPDATED to 1.4.1 (Recommended)


Infinity Logo

Be sure to get your enhanced welcome pack in the community shop AFTER you have logged in.



[Myst] 420LagDawg omg thank you, now i wont be able to destroy my base again after it happening 3 times with my draconic staff XD
[Myst] StuffYouFear ohhhh may have to give this a try.
[Myst] roboman410 OMG Rex you are AWESOME!! Puppy huggles for you sir. :3

1745 CST - Looked like we may have had a corrupt library...it's fixed, sorry for the downtime.

1700 CST - Infinity is currently down, I am working to resolve it at this time.


[Trust] Masawesome It won't work for me though ;(
[Myst] DaOwnagePvP I thought my internet was playing up again haha thanks guys!
[Myst] roboman410 Thank you Rex!! You are the best!!! <3
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