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Although I am unsure how this is going to play out, Microsoft always has a bad rap when it gets involved in anything.

Official Post on Mojang's site.

Here is a message for Minecraft creator Notch.

Let's keep our hopes up that hey try and keep the spirit of the community alive.  Without the community, minecraft will die.

[Myst] roboman410 I read Notch's letter... Kudos to him for getting out of something that made him uncomfortable... As for the fate of Min ...
[Donor] MisterTrotts somehow i rememebr saying not 3 weeks ago that money would win. funny, i was right. again.
[Donor] streetz234 Halo was originally mac exclusive, until microsoft bought them out and made it the defining game of the xbox systems. I ...
Moving Unleashed to the new host.

When it is up, you can use tempunleashed.ftbees.com until the domain updates.

[Myst] sioutdoors If they put enough people on this project to meet demands they will have to amp up the final cost. I think we will see a ...
[Myst] hozukimaru77 ty for the reply lol that's perfect I thought it would be like a hole day or something lol *new to server stuff*
[mcAdmn] lilboss69 give it at least 1-2 hours, there is so much in the unleashed files its unbelievable, this one will take the longest, ju ...

Mindcrack Reset

[A] I_pyRex_I AD posted Sep 11, 14
Mindcrack has been reset.  It has also been moved to the new server.

Until the domain registers worldwide you can use: tempmindcrack.ftbees.com

Don't forget to you get you enhanced welcome pack in the community shop!

[Donor] MisterTrotts Time to find a new server. cant fix the crashing, so you dont fix the issue. #logic.
[GM] Marijnroorda77 What fun is a fusion reactor if you cant play with cause the pack is Always crashing due to corrupt chunks. Thats why we ...
[Member] Ben_clark97
Ben_clark97 @ FTBees Mindcrack
Well...... this will be fun.
Moving Monster to the new host.

When it is up, you can use tempmonster.ftbees.com until the domain updates.


TeamSpeak has been migrated to the new server.

As well as Vanilla and the Unstable Test Server have beem migrated to the new server.

Thank you for your patience.




I am currently migrating Team Speak to a new server.  Until the migration of the ts3.ftbees.com domain is complete, please use


Sorry for any interruption.

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