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Until Alternate Worlds Reset (End, Nether, Twilight...) on All Servers. Remove Your Items! They will not be refunded.
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Some services are down.  I am working on it.



Yeah, well, this was my fault...I filled the hard drive when I was making a copy of mindcrack to test some things.  Easy fix.

Sorry for the downtime everyone.

[Member] Xetapro12 EHm when it come on again?
[Member] SharpShooter094 yay finally someone working on it
We need user input.  We have to main directions we can go.

GregTech - some mods will not play nice (its also harder than mindcrack was)

or No Gregtech 

Please refer to this poll: 

[Member] skillman623
skillman623 @ FTBees Monster
I think gregtech would be nice but if it cuts tc and other great mods then "greggy greg please do stuff a sock in i ...
[Member] EnderToad
EnderToad @ FTBees Monster
Since im just a Member... but I think greg would be cool ...
[mcAdmn] laith_haddad
laith_haddad @ FTBees Monster
Yesss!!!! Yesss!!!! Yussss!!!! That would be awesome!
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take a few minutes and just communicate with the community.

Everything is kind of on cruise control right now.  I have plans on stepping back into a more active roll soon.  With school starting up, iHenderson will not be able to put much time into the servers.

Main goals at this point in time is to continue to work on server stability.  And then the occasional player file reset or region roll back.  I have many things I want to get in place soon.  I am working on a web interface for staff to do rollbacks and player file resets.  I am also working on getting some better performance monitoring software working to aid in finding problem areas.

Things we are working on:

Monster: Stability

Unleashed: Stability

Mindcrack: Stability

Vanilla: Just hanging around.  If anyone didn't know, we do have sky-block installed on there.  If anyone wants to suggest some more mini-games to add, or maybe help develop a mini-games server, raise your hand.

Unstable: I have invited many people to test this out, however, not many takers.  I may be adding a few more to the list soon.  Make sure to thank sioutdoors, he is doing a wonderful job with his YouTube series.

FTBees 1.7 Custom Mod-Pack:  iHenderson, Mard, and myself have been kicking some ideas around.  Once we get a decent list together, we will include a couple more people.  After we get a beta pack built, we will open for discussion to the general population.  I think I will make a new thread for mod-pack name suggestions.  Yeah, here it is: http://www.ftbees.com/forum/m/12489509/viewthread/15048579-ftbees-17-customer-modpack-name-suggestions/page/1

I want to take a moment also and thank the Staff.  I know I haven't paid much attention to you guys/gals lately.  I know that I am not only speaking for myself when I say THANK YOU!  Your time and efforts go a long way when it comes to the Feed The Bees community.  I am working with DrKruger on some little ways we can thank you for your time individually.

Game Masters(DrKruger, Mardi) - Thank you for keeping things in order with the staff as a whole.  You guys make sure everyone stays on track and keep me informed of things on a daily basis.

Mindcrack Head-Admins(Nextwave312, athribiristan) - Thank you for keeping this old, old, old server alive.  Even though this mod-pack will never be updated, you guys manage to keep things running with minimal disturbance.

Mindcrack Admins/Mods(laith_haddad(A), qweryqwer(A), Rochey2k11(A), lordaero(M), Miner8149(M)) - Thank you for time.  I really appreciate it.

Unleashed Head-Admins(Kuro, Mrjsmith) - By far this is the busiest server.  You have managed to keep things together with blood, sweat, and tears (seen kuro say this somewhere).  Thanks!

Unleashed Admins/Mods(belzrock(A), CallingJaguar07(A), Godai009(A), Miyla(A), austin11756(M), Kajiri(M), lilboss69(M), MrEasTyy(M), wilco903(M)) - I know Kuro can be tough sometimes, however, you all handle it really well.  Thank you.

Monster Head-Admins(DethByCreeper, Lebadwolf) - You guys have it tough too, Monster sure does hold the name true.  It's a monster!  It has really tested all of our patience and then some.  Thank you guys for drudging through the daily task of keeping this huge mod-pack afloat.

Monster Admins/Mods(CuteCrafterGirl(A), Demetria(A), fusionnrg(A), JoccE(A), MrTest(M), Nickko_1998(M), Veggetossj(M), Yang(M), Chew(M)) - Monster can be such a pain, and everyone seem to still enjoy it, and partly because of your efforts.  Thank you.

I went off the staff list on here, so if I missed anyone let us know so we can properly tag you!

Overall, I really want to express that our community is awesome,  because of our AWESOME staff!  This is what make Feed The Bees so great, the leadership and teamwork.  You may not see me online, however, I am watching, I read almost every thread.  I watch most of the chat logs.  You guys/gals are amazing!  

And thank you players!  I know you wouldn't be here if the staff wasn't everything that they are!  Continue to enjoy FTBees!  We are in it for the long haul.

pyRex & iHenderson
bennett020 No shout-out to meh? D: *Le-cri* xD I'm just a kidding.
[mnAdmn] fusionnrg Thanks to you Rex for what I am sure have been many sleepless nights,.
[Myst] druidbruce so excited about the custom modpack!!
[Myst] druidbruce completely owned the skele!!
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