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The monthly resets have been completed successfully.

Both Infinity and Infinity Expert have been updated to the lateset recommended version of 2.5.0.

If you experience any issues, please click "Helpdesk" in the menu above and put a ticket it.

Thanks again to the best minecraft community!


I apologize for the lack of communication!

The servers have been through the regularly scheduled resets and cleanups.

This time, Infinity has been updated to the latest recommended of 2.5.0!

Please update your clients to the latest recommended version.  Enjoy!

If you have any problems, please visit the helpdesk and submit a ticket.


Alternate world resets are complete.


[Myst] druidbruce Where can I find the change logs?

Infinity Expert Mode has been update to the lastest recommended version of 2.3.5

[Member] austin11756 Why just expert why not regular infinity aswell?

My Absence - pyRex

[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD posted Feb 17, 16

Everyone, please accept my apologies for my extended absence.  My peronsal, political, and professional life have been very busy lately.  I look for things to start calming down in the next week or two.  If you have any issues, feel free to hit up any of the great staff.  I do check through our staff communications application multiple times daily and try to address anything that needs urgent attention.  Thank you Jocce for handling so many technical things, and really thank you for your patience with me.

Some of things I am working on outside of FTBees:

  • Currently hiring a new superintendant at our local school.  (If you didn't know, I am an elected official on the local school board)  This has been the biggest time consumer.
  • The company that I work for is about to sell out to another company.  (Don't worry, I will still have a job, it will be much better with the new company)
  • I am starting to work on expanding our beekeeping adventure.  End of march will have probably up to 10 hives, and am looking to expanding to 200+ hives in the next few years.  Really FEEDING THE BEES!!!
  • It's almost spring time in Texas, and there is a lot to do around the house and acrage.  Catching up on the honey-do list.

I haven't forgotton about y'all, thanks for such a great community.


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