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Stay Tuned...

[GM] Immortal_Smith posted Fri at 15:47

The Staff Team have been puting some things together and we have a project in the pipeline, and some changes comming soon... So stay tuned!

-The FTBees Staff Team

[Myst] sioutdoors Been waiting on something new for a bit now. H&G is getting long in the tooth
[Myst] Mr_EnderEye New things Right as im getting back into this Wow this is great lol
[Myst] TBW_lossen o
TBW_lossen @ FTBees Tech World 2
I will be really sad if TW 2 was gone, I love Rotery craft, Roterycraft offer some things that is really cool, that you ...

Enjoy the clean new alternate worlds.


[Member] henoochm1254 whats that mean the warp wild?

Thank You!

[GM] Immortal_Smith posted Jun 30, 16

Summer is here and its that time to get ready for all that fun in the sun. We just want to take quick minute out of your busy schedule to Thank everyone on FTBees and our staff. With all of you, we are making FTBees a great place and a great community.


MrSmith, Nextwave, pyRex and the rest of Staff!

Enjoy the fresh new alternate worlds.

Thanks for all the staff and players that continue to make FTBees successful!


On behalf of the FTBees community, Would like to say Happy Birthday to our Owner I_pyRex_I!

We'd Like to thankyou for these amazing servers and such a great community! Your service continues to be much apprecieated.

[Donor] gronteth So sorry for being this late just wanted to say happy bday Thanks for the epic server it's my favorite one out of a...
[Member] FromSEAhawks Happy belated birthday Mr. Rex.
[Member] AlexZeeGreat Im sorry for saying this so late, i just started looking at this stuff bu, happy birthday rex! i hope you had a good day...
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