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Vanilla Rollback

[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD posted Fri at 11:19
Do to recent shenanigans of an unnamed player, I am currently processing the rollback of the vanilla server to 7 days prior to the post.  If this causes you a major inconvenience, please make a forum post in the Vanilla Issues Forum stating what your issue is and we will try to resolve them in an orderly fashion.

[Myst] jake9634 Thank you so much Rex, You da best!
[Member] Murphy012310
Murphy012310 @ FTBees Unleashed
rex is such a shamazing boss
[Myst] lilboss69 you know i love you right? haha, thanks REX, you are the best ...


[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD posted Tue at 17:50
17:45 Server Time: Restoring unleashed back to before the crashes started.

Stay tuned, and sorry for the extended downtime.

I had long day yesterday, and went to bed before the time to reset.  I have reset the count down timer and will tend to it tonight.

Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.

[Myst] lonewolf2032 was there a in server warning?
[Member] Reynolds I ran into a problem with the unleashed servers mining age, cause when I went into the portal it made my game crash and ...
[Member] CobOfCorn69 Is there a reason why the Unleashed server is down? Or how long do we know? Because i am trying to help my friend get on ...

State of the Hive

[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD posted Oct 12, 14
Hello all the Feed The Bees players and staff!

Sorry for the lack of my regular attention.  I have been super busy with some many other things in real life.  I haven't forgotten about you!  I am trying to fit in some server time when I have a little time, so bear with me.

Thank you staff for keeping everything together!  I know we have had some turn-over lately, and everyone has handled it really well.

Lets keep things running smooth.  I am watching and working on performance issues currently.

In the comments below, lets throw around some high level ideas.


[Myst] darkmagicnight7 I don't care if there is problems. All I care is that your doing ok. A lot of people depend on you and I feel your press ...
[Member] achedattendant1 hey rex its ok we have some very wonderful vet admins and some vet player that know what to do
[Donor] Speedy_McGee Nice job Rex! keep up the good work, I hope you are doing good at whatever you are doing irl!
Although I am unsure how this is going to play out, Microsoft always has a bad rap when it gets involved in anything.

Official Post on Mojang's site.

Here is a message for Minecraft creator Notch.

Let's keep our hopes up that hey try and keep the spirit of the community alive.  Without the community, minecraft will die.

[Member] Malabui At least they didn't sell Minecraft to EA (Electronic Arts).
[Member] EnderToad I am very mad at Mojang right now. I don't get why all because he didn't feel like doing it anymore, he sold it. Microso ...
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