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Unleashed has been reset!

The following has been retained



Claimblocks (will need to /abandonallclaims)

Computer Programs (upon request via Helpdesk)

Any "forever" purchases will need to be requested via the Helpdesk

I apologize for any inconvience to the new players, this map was over 2 years old and long overdue for a reset.

The shop will be running a 25% off special for the remainder of September.

Thanks - pyRex & Staff

[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD Sale is on now!
[Sup+] 94snecra01 So glad it has finally happened lol Has the 25% off already been applied to store prices or is there a promo code?

Hello Community!

I am glad to announce that the FTBees crackpack server is now open to public!

IP: Crackpack.ftbees.com

Dont forget your advance starter kit from the crackpack section of the store! (FREE)

A big shout out to the TW2 team (Now crackpack team) for making and setting up the amazing server builds!

We hope you enjoy the new member the the FTBees server family!

-The FTBees Staff team!

[Myst] sioutdoors found a possible source of lag, under what appears to be the spawn temp build. Horses by the hundreds. Im guessing they ...
[Myst] GeoNC Lovin it, Thank you Bees :)
[DEV] Jocce +D Whitelist issue fixed

Please see Post about the upcoming reset for unleashed.


[uH-A] hscaptbone Hi Zak, This announcement is for the unleashed Users. The reply function for announcements are below said announcement. ...
[Donor] Zak_MC Please whitelist me on crackpack thanks.

The resets have been completed.

Thank you,


[Myst] GamerKingdom Crackpack is it's own server. Nobody has done anything in the alternate worlds to reset them haha.
[Member] LufyCZ rip Quarry
[Myst] druidbruce What about the crackpack?==

Hello community.

FTBees is having some changes.

We are adding a new server to the FTBees family, Introducing Crackpack. This server will be REPLACING TechWorld2 and Infinity EXPERT only.

The TW2 staff team are currently putting the finishing touches to crackpack before it goes live.

We hope you look forward to these changes, If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact a member of the TW2 team or the GM's.


~The FTBees Staff team.

[Member] CoreyZaraf But the Chocobos' ! They be the cutest! get this up and running and ill come running. Its getting later in the seas...
[GM] Immortal_Smith ran into some deadends, things take time and people have work, we're not machines, gotta rest as some point.
[Myst] _Chewbacca__ Almost a month between announcement and release...
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