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UPDATED to 1.4.1 (Recommended)


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Be sure to get your enhanced welcome pack in the community shop AFTER you have logged in.



[Myst] 420LagDawg omg thank you, now i wont be able to destroy my base again after it happening 3 times with my draconic staff XD
[Donor] StuffYouFear ohhhh may have to give this a try.
[Myst] roboman410 OMG Rex you are AWESOME!! Puppy huggles for you sir. :3

1745 CST - Looked like we may have had a corrupt library...it's fixed, sorry for the downtime.

1700 CST - Infinity is currently down, I am working to resolve it at this time.


[Trust] Masawesome It won't work for me though ;(
[Myst] DaOwnagePvP I thought my internet was playing up again haha thanks guys!
[Myst] roboman410 Thank you Rex!! You are the best!!! <3

Remove Your Items!  They will not be refunded.

Will happen around 10:00 PM Server Time Today April 1, 2015.


[iAdmin] recaltotal i didnt touch the end till the 3rd xD
[Myst] 420LagDawg im all about that amethys, bout that amethys, bout that amethys, no dacon
[Myst] sioutdoors all nighter for the draconic race lol ...

[Member] gravedumper Honex from Unleashed was in this video ...
[Myst] Dagosyno but really: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjyq-s--HNA here is the villager game of thrones parody... ...
[Member] sharqman Nice concept, if you tie it in with panning over some awesome builds with shadders with the text edited over it, it woul ...

[Member] EnderToad what did you use? cinema 4D? After Effects?
[Donor] WaterandMelon I honestly did this just for fun on my side time and to help the community out. I appreciate everybody's constructive cr ...
[Donor] Zak_MC First of all its needs to be more bassy and an effect everytime the letters burst out. And also it really doesn't fit th ...
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