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We have reset the world for Infinity 1.6.2.


The server is now very stable.

Ontime, rank, and thaumcraft have been transferred.

I have started everyone out with 5000 claim blocks because it would have been to much of a head ache to transfer the information.

We have added a random teleport, use it with /randomtp.

We also added GPCities, an economy.

Currently still testing shops, auction, and jobs plugins.

There will be some limited shop refunds, post the request here!  <--Link 

Please post comments in the appropriate forum thread.


pyRex & Staff

We currently have a test server that is a duplicate of the current server, with one exception, we reset the world.

Resetting the world has allowed for many things.

  • Overall Stability
  • RFTools Stability
  • Enabling Mystcraft

In addition to the above items, we are testing the following.

  • Economy/Shop
  • Auction
  • Jobs
  • Cities

We have gone a long time without a world reset. Those that are not familiar with how FTB does their version numbering, let me explain.

For example: 1.6.2 < A.B.C

A: Major Version number - world reset required
B: Minor Version - world reset recommended
C: Bug Fixes - no world reset

As you can see, we have been through 5 updates with no reset.  Other servers that I am watching have already done 3 world resets. This is why the current server is unstable. We are working through the logistics of reseting and hope to have a plan in place soon. This plan will include something special for the players affected.  As for now, the main thing that keeps crashing is the nether, so stay out of it and things will be fine for now.

Please feel free to participate in the discussion here.  <---this link goes to the forum thread!


[Member] Gravesdigger1993 wheree is the sever ip
[Member] achedattendant1 i say A because a new world would be nice and allows for better tick rate on server and more places to roam without run ...
[Member] dennisburnsjr As far as I am aware Mindcrack was never going to be updated by the creators unless done by someone else. From what I un ...

Took the down time as an opportunity to update the server to 1.6.2 (recommended).

Had to reset the nether in the process.




[Member] DeAtH2252 What mods are new?
[Myst] bessie_1998 good lets play around with the added mods ...
[Sup] Zittla yay now most of the rftools issues is resolved finally xD

So as some of you know, we have placed our first (real) beehive.  It is very fun and exciting to see the progress they make every week.  

On top of our own hive, we have already rescued our first colony from a tree that was blown down by a recent tornadoe.

Thanks for everyones patience and understanding for my lack of attendance.  I will continue to work on catching up with the community and servers.



[Member] Esssence2 Hey there! I'm a beekeeper too! I just started with two hives this spring. I was just telling my friend Siout about the ...
[Sup] rnm632 Such a great idea!

The time has come to make a decision in regards to low population servers.

Monster is has been quite a monster from the beginning.  Vanilla is just not what we are about.  I hate to shut servers down, however, it's best to keep our resources optimally utilized.  I look forward to further discussion in the threads.  I will leave it running for the remainder of the day.  If there is enoug interest, I make make the world files availalble for download.

Alternatively, Infinity is a good well rounded pack that really brings a lot of the great features of Mindcrack, Unleashed, and Monster together.  As always, your paid ranks are good on the servers that exist today.  So if you log in and don't have your paid rank, inform a staff member.  We will do our best to take care of you in a timely manner.

Thanks for your understanding,


[Myst] MarGoo_Gaming You Need to Make a forum post @PixelEnder
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