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September 1, 2017

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(June 1, 2017)

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Growth in 3 months!

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Another few months have gone by, we have seen many things happen over the summer.  One of the most historic is Texas was recently hit a Category 4 hurricane named Harvey.  Although it hasn't even been a week, I can tell you it's going to be a long haul to recover what all has been lost by the people on the coast.  What I can truly say with out a doubt is our state will take it in stride and stand proud because we are Texas!  Texas is large and proud.  Thank you for everyone's thoughts and prayers.  They are very much appreciated.  Keep those that have lost loved ones in your mind as well, the loss of even a single neighbor is too great!

As far as FTBees is concerned, we are hanging in there.  This community site is still taking on players and is still active.  Make sure to invite anyone you can.  We have seen an increase of 182 members since the last newsletter, only 244 until the big 10k!  We need to start thinking about doing something special for that day.  Drops some ideas below.

As far as funding, we will continue with the shop purchases as before.  I have added a donation button on the side of the front page for people that just want to contribute just for the sake of contributing.  I will try to adjust the total needed in the donation box as we get purchases in.

Shout Out to Jocce!

Game Masters

Mr_Smith_ & Nextwave312



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Infinity: CuteCrafterGirl  Unleashed: Cleafspear  Crackpack: Derp


Infinity: 2r0m0c0 & NorCraftGaming  

Unleashed: Random_Nonsense, Tyler95621 [Honex] & ImmortalZoey

Crackpack: Lostplanetsite & wsman217 & dangledyck

Again, a special thanks need to be extended to those who fund this community.  There are many that contribute, but he ones that really keep things running are the Supporters.  Next time you see a [Sup] or [Sup+}, just give them a big "Thank you!"


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In other news, we are currently testing adding a new game to our ranks.  It's very similar to Minecraft...stay tuned.

In your service - pyRex

Enjoy the fresh new alternate worlds!

pyRex & Staff

[Member] IAmTLaw FeelsBadMan, now i cant find a blaze spawner to level up as a vampire

Back To School Sale!

[Owner] pyRex AD posted Aug 25, 17

Here is our final push for September funds!

We need to generate around $200 by September 5th.

Website points on sale 25% off.  You can also click the donate button on the left.


pyRex & Staff

Right now Infinity will be down for server upgrade.

After upgrade we will be running it as 2.7.0 (Recommended Version)

Be sure to update.

JoccE and FTBees Staff

Help us celebrate July 4th!

Enjoy 25% off website points for the whole month of July!

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