Hello infinity players!

As you all should know, we have some building rules regarding machine setups. These rules are there to promote a more spread-out base, and discourage laggy setups. Today i did extended testing to confirm these suspicions/findings (also from older modpacks) and the staff came to a conclusion to change some of the rules for the better. During a period of time, we will test and see if changing this rule has any consequences. I tested it with some basic setups, but there ARE ways to still lag with the new rules, if you connect your machines sloppy. You may be asked to change a few aspects of your setup, if so.

First of all, what is defined as a "machine", a machine, in minecraft, is a block or multiblock structure that both:
-Takes, or makes power,
-With a interactable inventory (put in items/fluids with your hands/buckets/pipes)
if the block/multiblock meets both these criteria, it is a "machine"

Old rule: The machine the "enderquarry" currently has a limit to size: 100x100 blocks
New rule: The enderquarry will ONLY be limited in size in the OVERWORLD (dim 0) to 100x100, the hardcoded limit is 512x512, we do not intend to change that. (you can now make a 512x512 quarry in the deep dark for example)
Reason for changing: The quarry is less laggy than expected. There is still the possibility of griefing a base in the overworld, thus the limit for the overworld. Personal responsibility still applies, explore what you are going to mine, even in alternative worlds.

Old rule: Max 16 machines/chunk
New rule: Max 32 machines/chunk of which:
-Max 16 solars/chunk
-Max cyclic assemblers/chunk: 4
-Max multiblock machines/chunk: 4 (see below)
Reason for changing: Some machines can cause problems if too many are placed next to eachother. A prime example is solars, the machine rule was originally meant for solars. I did some tests and found that in our modpack, most machines can work together very well. This does not include faulty piping/itemtransfer. The cyclic assembler is very laggy, more machines may be added to 4 machine/chunk restriction later on.

Old rule: Max 1 multiblock machine/chunk
New rule: Max 4 multiblock machines/chunk
Reason for changing: It was said that multiblock machines would be laggy by default. Most of them are actually not. You need to be careful not to place them right next to eachother/on chunk borders! We still put in a cap due to promote better setups/placed machines, and the railcraft multiblocks create minor lag.

We will see how these changes affect the server. Keep in mind that some wires/pipes are better not to be used, or should be used sparingly.
-buildcraft pipes
-item nodes with tons of speed upgrades

happy building!
With friendly regards, H-A Scizor6996