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Unleashed Rules

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Unleashed Head-Admin
Unleashed Rules
Updated 02/17/18

The staff of FTBEEs Unleashed work hard to maintain a family friendly experience that's enjoyable for everyone.

Quick Glance

Griefing of any sort is NOT tolerated. You will be banned.
PvP is not allowed unless all involved agree to it.
Keep inventory is OFF. You will drop your items when you die.
English only in public chat.
Build atleast 350 blocks away from other players claim.


No griefing or stealing. "Not yours dont touch it"
If you've been griefed report it to staff as soon as possible.
Protect your base with the golden shovel. Visit /warp FAQ to see a guide on this.

350 Rule

Claims must be atleast 350 blocks apart, unless all claim owners in the area agree to have them closer.


No unwanted pvp. All involved must agree to the pvp.
Unwanted pvp can get you banned!
The use of bleeding or bane enchantments against players is strictly forbidden.

Keep Inventory

Keep Inventory is OFF. If you die your items will drop.
To avoid having your items dropped you are able to use:

  • Rune Thantos
  • Charm of Keeping I
  • Charm of Keeping II
  • Charm of Keeping III

Public Chat

No Swearing - Abbreviations count!
We have ZERO TOLERANCE for racism, sexism, and homophobic statements/acts. You will be perm. banned!
No Harassment, bullying, or threats are tolerated.
Advertisement of non-ftbees content is not allowed.
English only in chat. - You are more than welcome to speak any language in /msg
Excessive trolling is not allowed.
/me is for trading purposes only.
Address staff by their name. Not by "staff" "mod" "admin"


When teaming:

If you start together you may share everything together.

If you dont start together there is restrictions before you may team.

  • All UU-matter and UU made items must be discarded.

If you are part of more than one team you are not allowed to bring restricted items from one teams base to the other teams.

Team Issues

Team issues are just that; a team issue. Staff do not get involved. If your team issue spills into public chat staff will jump in. It is expected you deal with this issue in /msg or elsewhere. If your team issue becomes staffs issue it will be ended quickly.


Do NOT buy/sell/trade/give UU-matter or iridium ore

Do NOT buy/sell/trade/give restricted items

Do NOT buy/sell/trade/give items made with UU-matter or iridium

Mall Rules

Rules for the mall can be found HERE

16 Rule

All power generation machines are limited to 16 per chunk.
This is a total of all power generating machines not 16 of each kind.

Other machines limited to 16 per chunk:

  • Igneous Extruder
  • Alvearies

MFSU's are limited to 8 per chunk


Use personal anchor's. Each anchor loads a 3x3 chunk area.
There is a limit of 27 chunks per player that can be loaded. Thus you can have 3 personal anchors.
Enderpearls are needed as fuel. They turn off when you go offline.

Pipe Rule

Do not use buildcraft pipes! They cause lag and leak. Very short stretches are fine where required.
Use Applied Energistics or Transfer Nodes instead.

MFFS Rules

No confiscation modules or anti-player modules.
No world eaters or mining with MFFS


All multiblock structures must be in one chunk. Not splitting over chunks.

Max MAC size is 7x7x7

Tinkers Construct Smeltery max height is 15.


The quarry is unlocked with the Trusted rank.
Only one quarry per player.
Do not use in the Overworld, End, or the Nether. - Use them in the mining world
Alt worlds reset monthly. - Make sure to get your stuff before this happens.
Check for the timer on the forums. - NO refunds are given if you fail to do so.
Do NOT quarry under slime islands.
Do NOT quarry water, lava, oil, or other liquids.

Quarries chunk load all chunks it is loading. This area includes the chunk the quarry itself is in. Then all chunks the frame and inside digging area are in. No anchor is needed as long as your power, and storage are inside these chunks.
To see chunk borders press F9 twice.

Overworld land clearing

If your clearing land for a base then you can use a quarry to do so however there are some rules that go with it.
You must have the whole area it is working on claimed.
You must leave a sign telling staff you are only clearing land not mining.

If your quarry loads any part of your base that is already setup(Machines) you must have a quick quarry. This is to prevent chunkloading with the quarry.

If you are caught chunk loading with a quarry you will be banned.


All spawners must be able to be shut off.
If you go AFK or offline you must turn your spawners off.
If told by staff you must turn your spawners off. (Normally this is a short period)

Failure to do so will get all spawners left on confiscated. If we are unable to tell which are running others may also be taken.
Failure to handle a spawner may also get it confiscated.
Accidents happen so do ask for help if it gets out of hand but if it becomes a habit they will be taken.

Confiscated Items

Certain items are confiscated at public places. These items will be taken from your inventory. NO refund is given for confiscated items. This is done to prevent griefing items from being used in public places.
To see a list of items that are confiscated check /warp confiscate

Items kept in a golden bag of holding or other backpack type items are safe.


Do NOT craft fireworks in a ME.
Do NOT place molten metal. You will be banned!
Do NOT break smeltery controller with a force wrench.
Do NOT use huge MFFS or slaughterhouse setups.
Do NOT put filled ME Storage drives in backpacks, chest, or other inventories. Only place them in your inventory. Placing drives elsewhere may corrupt them causing them to be lost. This is considered user error and will not be refunded. You will lose them.


Do NOT attempt any form of hack, dupe, glitch or any other cheat as you risk getting perm banned.
If you feel you've found a dupe or glitch report it.

Inappropriate Builds

Any build or design which goes against the core rules of the server are not allowed. If it's not family friendly then its not for this server.
No Nazi stuff or offensive things.
Now if you want to build the tank, ship, or some other things from nazi germany that is fine. Building a death camp and swastika's will get you banned so use common sense when it comes to your builds.

Inappropriate Usernames and skins

Any name staff believes to be offensive or against our rules will be dealt with. This may simply be a nickname being applied to you. If a nickname is felt to be not enough a ban may be given. If you are banned because of this you are more than welcome to submit a ban appeal when your name has been changed.

Inappropriate skins are not tolerated, this includes nudity and politically inappropriate skins.

AFK Machine

AFK machines of ALL types are not allowed.
Any roller coaster or rail system can not have a automatic loop in them. They must stop.
Portals or faith plates used in a loop are not allowed.

3-White Enderchest/Endertank

The default enderchest and endertank are public and available to everyone. Do not store thing in them or they will be lost.
Do not pump from the 3-White Endertank
Do not pump from the 3-White Enderchest


Only one myst partner per myst donor
This partner has access to use their donor partners myst worlds.
Partners can not be switched constantly
You have one partner for ALL worlds. Not per world.


Nicknames are a donor perk. Nicknames must begin with the first 3 letters of your username.
Nicknames can be changed with /nick
Colors can be added if wanted. Ask an Admin or Head Admin to have color added. Some colors are not allowed. Have the nickname you want set and the colors picked out before asking staff.


The Qgen is a item available in the donation shop. This item has limits. They are as follows:

  • Max output - 10,000 EU
  • Max packetsize - 512 EU/T


Claims are up for regen after 30 days of the owner being offline. If you plan to be offline for more than 30 days make a forum post letting staff know. You will need to ASK and explain why you will be gone. If possible give a time frame for the time you will be away.
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Unleashed Head-Admin
This post will be updated from time to time with changes or new rules. New or changed content will be stated in a post below as well as added to the original post above.
Posted Mar 5, 17 · OP
Unleashed Head-Admin
Added "The use of bleeding or bane enchantments against players is strictly forbidden." under the PVP section.
Posted Feb 17, 18 · OP
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