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Ban Appeal - "XantorHD"

1 reply
IGN(In Game Name): "XantorHD"

Who banned you(if known): it's been years. I forgot it. I think it was "Mumafat"

Reason for ban: "The ban hammer has spoken!"

What you were doing before ban: "offline"

Why you should be unbanned:

Well hello.

It's been quite a long time since I last played on that Server and and I am missing it. This seems to be the last existent Unleashed server that is still Online so I wanted to play a bit only to find out that I am still banned.
Sure it makes sense to still have me banned if you consider that this account got perm banned for duping. But this was Years ago. I changed. Everyone does mistakes, but I think it deserves forgiveness. I don't want to use time as a reason to get me unbanned, but more the fact that I think am not accountable for my younger brother that used my account to dupe when I wasn't home. This may still seem like a cheap excuse, but that's how it happened. He was 12 so he found it pretty "dope" to dupe my stuff that took me months to achieve and he was even proud of himself for that.

I only want to experience the charm that this server and Unleashed has like back in the old days. I had never been rude to staff nor other players. By that time I could have gone to newer modpacks, but it is this pack and server that brought me great memories. PleasePlease reconsider unbanning me.
~ XantorHD
Posted Feb 11, 19 · OP
Unleashed Head-Admin

Your records show a habit of duping/being around duping. Your group of friends/people you teamed/grouped with also have colorful records. We do give chances and im all for giving them but in this case there is no chance to be given. Simply its your responsible for your account no matter who is at the keyboard. Your more than welcome to play on our other modpacks where available but as for unleashed you will remain banned.

Appeal Denied
Posted Feb 13, 19
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