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Hello FTBees Community!

This weekend 9th of March the Crackpack overworld will be reset.

What will this mean?
Overworld will be reset.
Alt world will be reset.
Playerfiles will be reset.

Claimblocks will be kept.
All the ranks will be kept the same.

If you have donated for certain items you will have to contact an Admin or Head-Admin (You can also make a helpdesk ticket) and they will help you out with this.

FTBees Owner

[cpH-A] sebalhp just finished some of the bug's that happened from the reset. :) should be opened up here soon :p
[Member] vhaxy is the reset finished the server is still whitelisted.
[Member] nickyway Tomorrow unleashed :3?

Unleashed back UP!

[Owner] JoccE A posted Feb 18, 19

Hi FTBees Community.

FTBees Unleashed is now up and running again! Sorry for the delay, i was unable to fix the issue since i was in London over the weekend.

As a sorry the FTBees shop is now running a 25% off sale on all website points until the end of the month.

Best regards,
FTBees Owner

Hello FTBees players,

Currently the server that is hosting Unleashed and Revelations is down because of a hardware error.
Technicians are inform and I am waiting for the to come back to me.

Servers should be back up and running again.

FTBees Owner

[Sup] lordphoenixmh o Server returnes error "ID 248 from Mod EnderStorage is missing You cannot connect to this server" I h...
[Member] FromSEAhawks Thanks working great so far today.

Revelation Update

[Owner] JoccE A posted Jan 21, 19

Hello FTBees Community!

As you might have noticed we have had some issues with the Revelations Server lately.

This is now fixed finally! We found some corrupted regions that have been removed, if you log in and your base is gone please contact staff or/and make a helpdesk ticket and we will do our best to roll it back for you.

We have also upgraded Revelations to the latest version 2.7.0! (Mod Astral Sorcery is removed)

FTBees Owner

Hello FTBees Members!

We're currently doing a database maintenance on Unleashed and the server will be down in the meantime.

Thanks for your understanding.

Server is back up and running

JoccE - FTBees Owner and the FTBees Staff

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