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Monthly alternative world reset is done.


This months Alternative worlds reset will take a little bit longer than usual since I will be doing a backend change to all 3 servers currently running. (This will take a maximum of 1 hour)

To see exact time this will happen watch the timer on top of the website.


I would like to start out by saying how much this community makes me happy.  We have done so much together.  I want to send out a huge "Thank you" to everyone!  As many of you are aware, or not, I haven't been very active on FTBees as of late.  I have solely relied on Jocce to handle things on the back end of the servers, while the awesome staff keeps things running smooth on the front end.  Recently I decided to pull in Jocce as a Co-Owner because of the level of work and knowledge he brings to the table.  I think we all agree that this was a great thing. 

As time went on, it has been weighing on me the amount of time I have contributed...next to none.  I don't feel I really "own" the community anymore.  I basically just keep the bills paid.  Most everything else has fallen on Jocce and the staff.  With that in mind, I felt it was time to make a change.  I feel the community will support this decision and I think the community will be better served.

As of March 1, 2018, the ownership of Feed The Bees community and servers will be transferred to Jocce.  He has been one of the greatest assets to join us, and has the knowledge and expertise to continue moving in a positive direction.  Jocce has great vision, and the ability to carry it out.  Feel free to comment below.  I will still be around, just won't officially be the "Owner" any longer.

Thank you for all the great times,


[Myst] CuteCrafterGirl I have not been on in awhile and plan on fixing that with our new computer. Thank you for everything you have done. This...
[Saint] Mard Aww, so the gun toting redneck republican from texas handed over the reigns to a sweed? I suppose it was only inevitable...
[Myst] streetz234 I haven't been on in a long while, but I've had a lot of fun on the server and just wanted to drop in and say ...

Hello FTBees members.

As you might have noticed on FTBees Unleashed there is an issue where all the skins are gone, this is because Mojang shut down the legacy skin API (Meaning you can't fetch skins from their side using only Username).

This is because back in 1.7.0 they upgraded to UUID instead and now they have finally stopped supporting this sadly.

We the FTBees staff have made a solution for this if you still want to see skins in-game on FTBees Unleashed.
We have set up our own skins API usable for both old and new server.

This is how you set that up.

On Windows:

Open Notepad as Administrator and edit the file: "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" and add:    skins.minecraft.net
Restart Minecraft

On Mac:

Open up terminal
sudo nano /etc/hosts
add "    skins.minecraft.net"
Restart Minecraft

On Linux:

Open up terminal
sudo nano /etc/hosts
add "    skins.minecraft.net"
Restart Minecraft

*nano can be changed to any editor you like, vi/vim/emacs.
*The IP Address used in this tutorial is FTBees own Skin API server (skins.ftbees.com).

~JoccE and FTBees Staff

[Member] Wolf_Man also, if i do paste that in, it asks me to save it, where do i save it?
[Member] Wolf_Man im confused, so when i open up the notepad with that file, where do i put skins.minecraft.net?
[Member] manda1974 Thank you for looking into this!

10,000 Users

[Owner] FTBees A posted Feb 17, 18

Well I almost let it slip by without noticing!

FTBees has reached the 10,000 user mark on January 21st, 2018.  The lucky user is @WittleKitty

Congrats and enjoy your 10,000 website points!

pyRex, Jocce, and Staff

[iH-A] NorCraftGaming Congratz @WittleKitty
[cpMod] wsman217 Congrats WittleKitty
[Owner] FTBees A WittleKitty Congrats!
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