Welcome to Feed The Bees Ultra Hard Survival. Take the challenge of Ultra Hardcore, mix in a very specific range of mods, and carefully tweak the configs. The result is brutal and unforgiving. No natural health regeneration, ingots for golden apples, over 100 variations of standard Minecraft mobs, no technical advantage, dungeons and castles to explore, high risk and higher rewards. Designed to be played in Single Player Hardcore, or Multiplayer Hard.

Plugins Installed:
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Mod NameMod Status
Core Mods
 BspkrsCore Enabled   
 CodeChickenCore Enabled   
 NotEnoughItems Enabled   
 PowerCrystalsCore Enabled   

Standard Mods    
 Barrells Enabled   
 BetterDungeons Enabled   
 BiblioCraft Enabled   
 BibioWoods-BOP Enabled   
 BiomesOPlenty Enabled   
 ChestTransporter Enabled   
 Damage Indicators Enabled   
 GraveStone Enabled   
 Hats Enabled   
 HatStand Enabled   
 iChunUtil Enabled   
 InventoryTweaks Enabled   
 IronChest Enabled   
 LavaMonsters Enabled   
 Natura Enabled   
 NEIPlugins Enabled   
 NetherOres Enabled   
 SpecialMobs Enabled   
 TConstruct Enabled   
 Thaumcraft Enabled   
 ThaumicTinkerer Enabled   
 TinkersConstruct-Recovery Enabled   
 TwilightForest Enabled   


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Monthly Record: 18 players (May 27, 18)